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Welcome to Evan's Garden! We handcraft our natural skin care, wellness, body care and beauty products in small, fresh batches. It's an old-fashioned approach that no amount of modernization can duplicate. You've found the real thing, about as far from mass-manufactured as you can get. We feel you'll be delighted with the "made with love" quality of Evan's goodies, powerfully effective formulations she creates using the highest-quality natural and organic ingredients available.
Just as important is what we leave out: petroleum and other toxic chemicals. You won't find any such in our products. And they are most definitely not the so-called "natural" products that don't make it through reading the label. 
We're a small, family company known for our uncompromising quality and personal customer care. We're here to make it fast and easy for you to get what you need for a natural, healthy lifestyle.
To your health and happiness!  



We want you to try our products and find out how powerfully effective they are.

Here are some things we're doing to make it easier for you and your friends to try our products:





We offer 15% off* on your first order.

To get your discount, enter the coupon code that is shown at the top of the "View Cart" page into the "Coupon code" box on the "View Cart" page, then click the "Apply" button next to the box.

Customers who enter first order discount coupons on orders after their first order will be charged the difference from our end. Hardware and appliances such as shower filters are excluded from the 15% discount program; we will charge the difference. 




U.S. orders of $275 or more receive free shipping (domestic, to the U.S.A.) up to $20*

*Free shipping offer applies to postage only and is offered on U.S. orders only. Handling charges may apply. Certain heavy items are excluded from free shipping. The shipping is free for eligible orders up to $20. The actual shipping cost is determined when the package is weighed in preparation for shipment. For amounts exceeding the $20, we will charge the difference. Very rarely does domestic shipping exceed $20, by the way.  



skin care gifts


We find it delightful, on our whim, to include a gift with your order. You never know when you may receive a free surprise from us.




health informationYou'll find here a wealth of free holistic health information. Useful, cutting-edge knowledge and definitely not from the conventional medical-pharmaceutical establishment. Prepare for a revelation or two! We believe in the innate right of individuals to take charge of their own health. Subscribe to our free e-mail newsletter for hard-to-find information, subscriber-only specials and more.




non-toxic ingredients only in our beauty products


Our products offer you the chance to look your best without poisoning yourself with toxic chemicals in the pursuit of beauty and cleanliness. We leave out anything toxic, at no extra charge!






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When you try our products, we're sure you'll fall in love with them, and you'll want to share them with your friends. We appreciate your using our Refer-a-Friend feature to send them to our website. If you use the Refer-a-Friend system, you'll even receive Reward Points on all their purchases! Use your Reward Points to enjoy even more of Evan's goodies.






Evan's garden quality and customer support

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Evan's garden quality and customer support



Contact us any time for more information or help with your order. We love hearing from you! The phone is (727) 449-0900 and email is






healthful living products



We're all in this together. Let's make a difference. Thanks for your support!





                                                                                          Yours in health!

                                                                                         Evan & Annalisa